End of Summer Gutter Cleaning

gutter cleaningYou know that gutters should be cleaned out when leaves fall, but if you are like most homeowners, you do not give much thought to cleaning out gutters in the summer. Summer is actually one of the best seasons to perform gutter work.

Why Clean Gutters in Summer?

Spring and summer storms can send twigs, leaves, and other debris into your gutters. These will clog gutters if they are not removed. Bird nests can also clog gutters, while wasp’s nests or beehives pose a danger.

If your home has shade exposure, mosses can grow in the gutter. Spring and summer rainstorms feed mosses. If not cleaned out regularly, mosses may create drainage problems. Summer is an ideal time to do this work.

Gutter repair and roof work go hand in hand. When you are having the gutters cleaned, a roofer can check out your shingles and repair any damage from summer storms. Schedule these repairs before fall and winter weather, so you can protect your home from winter storms, snow, and ice.

By cleaning out gutter debris at the end of the summer, you can prevent problems during early fall. Combined with a fall gutter cleaning that removes leaves, this keeps your home safe.

Benefits of Gutter Cleaning

It would be difficult to examine a full gutter and tell if the gutter was in good condition or properly attached to the home. When your gutters are clean, you can see their condition and structure.

Gutters are extremely important in fall and winter, as they direct water away from your roofing system, where water could cause leaks. After your gutters are cleaned, a roofing contractor can inspect your gutters to recommend repair or replacement.

If your gutter is cracked or visibly damaged, it should be replaced. Rusty gutters are nearing the end of their lives and should be replaced before they fail. Sagging gutters may need to be reattached to the home or replaced, depending on their integrity.

Schedule Gutter Cleaning

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