How to Make Your Fireplace Energy Efficient

Roaring Fire in a fire place

You may think of your fireplace as something that keeps your home warm and cozy, but did you know it is actually an energy drain on your home? Traditional fireplaces draw hot air up the chimney where it vents outside and push cold outside air into the home. You’ll feel a chill and your heating system will have to work harder.

How to Make Your Fireplace Energy Efficient

Get in the habit of closing the fireplace damper whenever you’re not using the fireplace. If your home has a fireplace that you don’t want to use, you can have the damper permanently sealed and then stuff the chimney with insulation to provide extra warmth.

The best way to improve the energy efficiency of your chimney is to have it cleaned and inspected. Chimney inspection can also verify that your chimney is safe to use and that there is no structural damage that could cause danger.

You may know us as a Cincinnati roofer, but Brandstetter’s KangaRoof also offers chimney cleaning and repair service. While we don’t do chimney inspections, we come in after your chimney has been given a positive inspection and remove buildup of soot and creosote. When these materials build up, not only does it create a fire hazard but it makes your fireplace less efficient because your fire cannot get enough oxygen to operate properly.

We can also add glass doors to your fireplace. When you shut the doors while the fireplace is not in use, it prevents warm air from going up the chimney, so as a result you will feel warmer. You’ll also notice reduced energy usage.

Fireplace conversions have become popular in recent years. With a conversion, a gas insert is placed inside of your existing fireplace. You can still enjoy a fire only now you’ll press a button rather than build one out of wood. Inserts run on either propane or natural gas.

Wood stove inserts are also available if you like the traditional fire and you don’t mind a little work. Whether you choose natural gas or a wood stove, a fireplace insert improves efficiency by reducing the amount of heat that goes up the chimney. You’ll feel warmer and use less energy to heat your home.

Want to schedule a chimney cleaning? Call now, so your chimney is ready before winter weather sets in.