Top 5 Roofing Problems

Wooden Trusses of a roof

To take good care of your roof, you need a solid understanding of what could go wrong with it. Learn the top five roofing problems in Cincinnati today.


Do strange sounds keep you up at night? It could be squirrels, mice, or raccoons in your attic. While a pest control company can help you get the creatures out of the attic, you’ll want to follow up with roof repair to seal any holes. Otherwise, the problem will just repeat.

Roof Leaks

A leaky roof is a recipe for water damage. Your roof should be a watertight barrier between your home and the elements, and once you’re noticing leaks, it’s time for roof replacement or roof repair. Anytime moisture is in contact with your roofing system, mold and mildew are soon to follow.

Faulty Insulation

While at first thought, you may think that attic insulation has nothing to do with your roof, the two systems are linked. If you don’t have enough attic insulation, or if the insulation was not properly installed, this creates roofing problems from ice dams to roof cave-ins. After you replace the insulation, have a roofing specialist out to take a look at your roof and fix any damage that arose as a result of the poor insulation.

Pooling Water

Pooling water may be more likely on flat roofs, since roofs with a pitch usually drain water; however, pitched roofs can develop pools of water when there are other problems going on. It could be an improper slope or clogged gutters that are unable to drain water away from the roof. No matter the cause of pooling water, get it checked out by a roofing technician before the water penetrates your roofing system.

Poorly Installed Flashing

Flashing is the roofing term for sealing around things like chimneys or skylights. Flashing must be watertight and airtight in order to protect the Integrity of your roof. Flashing may degrade over time or be improperly installed in the first place. Once flashing no longer works correctly, leaks and missing shingles may soon follow.

If anything goes wrong with your roof, Brandstetter’s KangaRoof is here to help with residential and commercial roofing services performed by licensed technicians. We handle roof repair, gutter cleaning, skylight installation, and more. Contact us online to receive a free estimate for roof repair in Cincinnati, Eastern Indiana, and Northern Kentucky.