What Do You Need to Know About Your Roof?

shingle roofWhether you’re a new homeowner or have lived in your home for several years, it’s important to know the condition of all major systems in your house — including your roofing system. So, what is there to know about the roof?

Overall Roofing System

Do you know what’s in a roofing system? If not, you may skimp on maintenance and wind up with roof damage as a result. When a Cincinnati roofing contractor talks about your roofing system, that includes:

  • The timber that frames your roof
  • Your attic space, which vents to the roof (since improper ventilation can damage your roof)
  • Your eaves, the wood that covers the frame and extends beyond it
  • The fascia, which cover the eaves
  • The gutters, which keep rain and snow from the roof
  • The plywood that covers the timber, which is sometimes called decking
  • The shingles, tiles, or other outer material of the roof (i.e., metal)

Since these component work together to protect your roof, it’s important that all stay in good shape.

Current Condition of Your Roof

One easy way to ensure your roof is in good shape is through annual inspections that tell you the current condition of your roof as well as any repairs that need to be made — say, gutter cleaning or fascia replacement.

Estimated Lifespan of Your Roof

Being a responsible homeowner means protecting your roof. To protect your roof, you have to know the current condition of your roof and the estimated life span that remains. If a roofing contractor tells you that your roof should be replaced within the next five years, you can then use the intervening time period to save money, so you’re prepared to fix the roof when the time comes.