Benefits of Skylights in the Winter

Skylights on side of home

Skylights offer a way to add natural light into the space from the roof area. There are many benefits to having a skylight, especially during the winter months when the rain, sleet, and snow starts to fall. Learn more about these benefits and the skylight installation and repair services offered by Brandstetter’s KangaRoof.

Provides a Great View of Winter Snowfall

If you love watching the snow fall from the sky, a skylight is the perfect front row seat to the wintry weather. You can relax on the couch and just stare up through the skylight at the cloudy sky and the snow gently falling onto the glass. You’ll always know what the weather is like outside while you stay inside all cozy and warm throughout winter.


Areas Inspected During a Chimney Inspection

Person repairing roof

Chimneys may be used to heat the home in the winter or to create a romantic and cozy mood. Like any other element of your home, the chimney can fall into disrepair due to neglect, age, weather damage, or a blockage inside the flue. Performing a chimney inspection allows you to examine the state of your chimney and discover any potential problems that should be fixed before placing it into use. Here are several areas to have inspected. 


The chimney is made out of stacked masonry that can place an enormous amount of stress load on the foundation. If the foundation is damaged, it could cause the entire chimney to lean and possibly collapse. Looking for cracks or uneven soil along the foundation can indicate a serious problem.


Popular Types of Roof Designs

Shingled roof of home

A roof has many pitches and angles that allow the water and snow to slide off the top of your home or other building. These roof designs can provide a specific architectural style as well as provide more attic or living space. Here are the most common roof designs available on the market:


A gabled roof design is the most basic roof architecture on a home. It consists of a triangle shape with two sides that reach up to meet at the top to form the roof ridge. The slope of the roof itself can vary based on the angle, as it can be very slanted or have a gentler grade. A gabled roof also comes in two specific designs called clipped gabled and dutch gabled.


Popular Siding Colors

House with blue siding

Vinyl siding has a typical lifespan of about 30 years. In time, you may want to replace the siding, or just repaint it to give the surface a new look. Instead of keeping the same color, you are debating about changing the look of the siding to create a beautiful home. Here are several popular siding colors that you may select for your house:

Dark Earth Tones

Dark earth tones bring a sense of natural and rustic nature to your home even when you live within the city. These tones can help your house blend or complement the natural scenery surrounding it, as well as create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Some popular earth tones include dark browns, dark grays, and dark greens.


5 Common Causes of Roof Damage

Damaged Roof

Different situations may cause minor and major problems with your roof. From weather-related damage to even the heat of the sun, you may need to hire a contractor to perform roof repair or roof replacement services. Here are the top 5 common causes of roof damage and ways to prevent the problems.

Fallen Tree Branches

Tree branches can scrape your roof and pierce through shingles, creating holes that allow water and pests to enter. Branches can also scrape the granules off asphalt shingles and lower their product lifecycles. Also, the tree branches and foliage from the trees on the roof can trap moisture and debris that can slowly rot out the roof.


Why Is Fall a Great Time for Gutter Repair

Fall leaves in gutter

As the leaves turn brown and the weather turns colder, you may prepare the home for the winter months. You’ll purchase salt for the driveways and place a cover on the outdoor pool. Another chore to perform is gutter repair. Fall is the perfect time to do this chore for a variety of reasons.

Prepare for the Winter Weather

Winters typically bring a lot of rain, sleet, ice, and snow down onto the house. You want to ensure that the gutters can handle this winterly mix and divert it away from your foundation. Repairing the gutters allows you to direct the water to where you want it to go. You can tighten gutter fasteners that may have loosened or are missing, and ensure there are no holes that will allow water to leak. Performing these necessary repairs now will lessen the chances that you will have to go out into the snow and ice to fix a leaky or shaky gutter system.


Why Home Insurance Is Important

Home insurance policy contract with pen laying on paper

When purchasing a home, you may wonder whether home insurance is something to invest in. Many mortgage companies require that you own a policy. Yet if you purchase the home outright, or paid off the mortgage, you could be debating on whether to have this type of insurance. Learn about why home insurance is important to have:

Asset Protection

A range of dangers can happen to your home. Flooding, fire, severe storms, vandalism, and theft may cause your possessions to become damaged. Home insurance protects your valuable assets by offering fair market value for their replacements. So if a home catastrophe strikes, you can replace your belongings and other investments.


How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost in Cincinnati, OH?

House miniature with pennies

Your Cincinnati, Ohio home may need a new roof. Your current roof may be old, damaged from storms, or you’re just looking to replace it to improve the house’s curb appeal. There are many factors that can influence the costs as you want to budget accordingly.

How Much for Roof Replacement?

Roofing costs are typically by the total square foot of the roof. Contractors purchase materials in bundles that will cover that amount of square footage. So if you have a 1,000-square roof and want the standard 3-tab asphalt shingles, the contractor will purchase about 30 bundles.

Another way that contractors will price out roof costs is per square foot. So you may receive a contractor that breaks the price number down in this manner if you have a roof that has a complicated architectural design with adjoining roofs and many pitches.


How Can You Trust a Roofer?

People shaking hands

You are interested in roofing services. Your existing roof may need repairs or replacement; however, you don’t want anyone just working on it. The roof is an integral part of your home. You don’t want to pay too much for roofing work or get inferior work that will cause you to pay even more to fix. Here are some tips to help stay safe and to build trust with your roofer.

What is a Roofer Scam?

People will pose as a roofer to scam a homeowner out of their money. They pose as a contractor and may ask for money upfront without starting or completing the work. They may also request more money than was previously agreed on and claim they can only finish the job if you pay the higher amount. They could also threaten legal action or liens against you for payment.


How Long Should My Roof Last?

Roof Shingle Removal

It is hard to predict when a roof will start to become damaged or old to the point where it may need repairs or replacement. There are many factors involved that can have a negative impact on your roof, including lack of upkeep, inferior materials, storm damage, or unexpected emergencies. Use the following advice regarding how long your roof may last.

Recommended Replacement Schedule

If your roof goes through the normal wear-and-tear, it could last for decades based on the types of materials that were used. Generally, these are the product lifespans for specific types of roofing materials: