What to Consider Before Installing New Skylights

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Skylights are a good tool to brighten up a dark home, but they are not right for everyone. As you consider installing a new skylight, there are some important considerations to think through before taking the plunge.

Heat Gain: Skylight Slope and Material

Slope refers to the angle of your roof. Slope can affect heat gain, making your house hot in the summer months and driving up your energy bills. To avoid unwanted heat gain, place skylights on a slope that is 5 to 15 degrees above your current latitude.


Ways to Stay Safe on Your Roof Top

Roof Repair Worker

A fall off the roof can be very dangerous. Learn the best ways to stay safe when it comes to roof work.

Know the Dangers


Professional roofers are aware of the dangers they could encounter. They may delay or avoid roof work in certain conditions. A roof that is slippery from rain or ice should not be worked on, as there is significant falls danger.

Likewise, intense heat can pose a danger. While roof work is possible in the summer months, it is important to stay hydrated and take breaks in the shade.


If you access the roof by a ladder, make sure it is secured. An unsecured ladder could shift or topple, causing a fall from the roof. […]

How to Maintain Your Skylights

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Skylights increase the amount of natural light that floods into your home, which can boost your mood. The right maintenance can keep your skylights looking as good as new to capture every ray of light.

Skylight Frame

Most skylights have a wooden frame that is either natural wood or pre-painted. Either finish may be safely cleaned using a regular household cleaner. Dust and clean the frame whenever you complete other household chores. Every four to five years, treat the wood by removing the existing paint or varnish and applying a fresh coat.


Five Home Maintenance Tasks to Leave to the Professionals

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Do-it-yourself or DIY home maintenance tasks can save you money, but not every chore is appropriate for homeowners. Here are five tasks that should be left to the professionals if possible.

1. Duct Cleaning

Professionals usually recommend tackling this home task every three to five years. While you can theoretically clean ducts, you’ll need to rent a duct cleaner. However, a better bet is to call a technician who can bring the right equipment for the job.


Top Roof Inspection Practices After a Storm

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Summer storms can be intense. Read on for tips on what to look for when checking your roof after a storm.

Look for debris that’s fallen on your roof.

Did the storm bring down trees or branches? Look at the roof from ground level to see whether there are any branches or limbs on the roof. If these puncture holes in your shingles, water can penetrate your roofing system.


How to Reinforce Your Home for Storms

Lightning storm over Arizona

Between the high winds, heavy rain, and occasional hailstones, summer storms can do a lot of damage. Learn what you can do to beef up the protection and make your home more storm resistant.

1. Start with the roof

The roof and the windows are the two most important areas to protect from storm damage. Once these are damaged, other areas of the home are vulnerable. During storms, the roof is subject to high pressure from heavy winds.

Assess your roof. Is it new and in good shape, ready to withstand a storm? Or is it aging with crumbling shingles that would fly off if hit by hurricane winds? Rather than guess, schedule a roofing inspection. A roofing professional will assess the condition of your roof and make their recommendations for roof repairs or replacement.


Why You Should Invest in Proper Gutter Maintenance

Financing and investing in your gutters maintenance

You may have heard that your gutters should be cleaned twice a year, but do you know why? Cleaning your gutters regularly removes leaves and debris to deliver these three benefits.

1. Protect Your Roof

Servicing the gutters may extend the life of your roof. While gutters aren’t the only factor in determining how long a roof lasts, neglecting the gutters will shorten the lifespan of your roof. Since replacing a roof is a major cost, it makes sense to do what you can to save money.


Top Concerns When Installing Skylights and How to Combat Them

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While skylights can be a great way to brighten a dark home, there are downsides. When skylights are installed or maintained incorrectly, they cause a range of problems. Discover the top concerns with improperly installed skylights and how to avoid them.

1. They let in too much light

If your home is a cave, you might be confused as to how too much light can be a problem. High levels of light beam UV rays into the home. These cause furniture fading. Light can create glares and cause the home to heat unevenly. If it feels like you’re in a sauna needing sunglasses to see, the skylight is in the wrong place. The best choice for skylight installation is a shady area that does not receive much natural light.


Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer

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A roof is a major household expense, and you want to have trust in the contractor you choose to do the job. Hire the right contractor for the job by asking these 5 questions when you screen roofing contractors.

1. Are you licensed in this state?

It is important to choose a contractor who is licensed in your state for several reasons. Licensing requires that contractors be up to date on building codes and other requirements, so by selecting someone who is licensed, you know they have the skills and experience to do the job.