Repair Your Chimney For the Holidays!

winter fireplaceNothing is homier than a hearth. Whether it’s holiday parties or family game nights, gathering by the fire connects people and creates memories. Even if you don’t use your chimney very often, there’s no question that a fireplace is a crucial and nostalgic accessory for the home. Before you use your chimney for the holiday season, always make sure it’s in good condition.

Get the Chimney Cleaned

Professional cleaning removes soot and ash, the byproduct of wood fires, creosote, a flaky residue that builds up in the flue, and glaze, a thick tar-like substance.

Cleaning helps the chimney operate efficiently and improves air quality in your home. […]

Why You Should Replace Your Roof this December

winterReplacing your roof is a big job, and many homeowners put it off until the last minute. This is risky because you could wind up paying more for an emergency roof when you let things go too long. Rather than wait until your need for roof work is critical, consider getting roof repair or replacement done in the off-season. You might not think it, but December is actually a great time to install a roof.

Why Get Your Roof Replaced in December

1. No Wait

If you’ve ever tried to get a roofer out during the summer, you might have been told to wait a week — or even a month. In winter, you can get a crew out right away and have the work done immediately, instead of waiting. If you’re the sort of person who likes to cross things off your list, this might appeal. […]

New Season, New Roof!

winter seasonRoof repairs are a serious matter you don’t want to put off. Rather than be surprised by an emergency roof repair that you weren’t budgeting for, learn the warning signs that your roof is getting old, so you can plan for its replacement before it fails.

Warning Signs You May Need a New Roof

Asphalt roofs are built to last for 20 years. As your roof nears the end of its lifespan, start to budget for roof repair. Your roof may not last much longer.

Near the end of its life, roofs start to show their age. If your roof looks terrible from the street, it’s a clear indication that something is not as it should be. You can either climb up on the roof to inspect things yourself (which we don’t recommend) or have a roofing contractor look over the roof for you. While you may be able to replace worn-out shingles if the issue is localized, it’s often more cost-effective to replace a roof with widespread damage. […]

Fall-Proof Your Home With Siding

Leading up to winter, look over your home’s siding. Will it safeguard your home from the elements this winter? Fall is an ideal time to upgrade your home’s siding so it fully protects you from snows. Learn the real role of home siding and how to check your siding for signs it needs replacement.

What Does Home Siding Do?

Home siding may look pretty, but its main purpose is not to give your home a unified look and feel. The real purpose of siding is to protect your home from weather by acting as a secure barrier to entry. When siding is not securely attached, everything from rain water to nuisance animals can penetrate your home. […]

Is Your Chimney Ready for Fall?

house with chimneyWith fall in the air, it’s time to get your chimney inspected before you need it to heat your home. There’s some chimney maintenance you can do yourself, while other tasks require a professional. Here’s how to prepare your chimney for the busy season.

Get a Thorough Checkup and Cleaning

If your chimney is not structurally sound, it may leak, cause smoke buildup in the home, or negatively affect your health. Rather than assume your chimney is healthy because you don’t see anything wrong with it, let a pro check things out.

After you’ve had your chimney inspected, get it cleaned. A chimney sweep removes soot and creosote, to make your chimney cleaner. Creosote logs may be tempting but they aren’t as efficient as a chimney sweep. Best practice is to bring in the chimney sweep to clean your chimney at the beginning of the season, then tidy up ashes when needed. For peace of mind that your sweep knows their stuff, look for chimney sweeps who are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. […]

Beat the Leaves With New Gutters

fall leavesCome fall, your gutters function as baskets for the falling leaves. If the gutters are not cleaned and functioning properly, leaves will block water from draining, and leave your home at risk of water damage. Old gutters threaten your home in other ways. Learn warning signs that indicate your gutters may need replacement.

When to Replace Gutters

Steel or aluminum gutters last 20 years on average. However, they can fail sooner if they’re not cared for. […]

How to Make Your Roof More Eco-Friendly

An eco-friendly roof can reduce your home’s environmental impact. And you don’t need to cover your roof in green plants to call it eco-friendly. Learn easy ways you can be eco-friendly with your roof to lower your energy consumption and utility bills. Stay Up to Date With Roof Maintenance Regular roof maintenance takes care of[…]