What You Need to Know About Commercial Roof Coating

man putting on roof coatings

Commercial buildings often get special coatings that can help prolong the life of the materials and further protect the roof. These coatings can help to restore your system whenever it deals with extreme weather and daily wear and tear. Keep reading to learn more about commercial roof coatings and their benefits.

What Is It?

Commercial roof coating consists of a thick resin that is applied to the regular roofing materials and is allowed to cure. Consider it as waterproofing that protects the roofing system like an extra pair of clothing protects you from adverse weather. It’s there as an extra layer of protection.

Roof Coating Benefits

Roof coating is the most cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to other types of coverings. It takes less time to install and is very easy to apply. Since it is a resin, it is a renewable material that is sustainable to protect the environment. Roof coating is also energy-efficient.

Different Roof Coatings

There are several different roof coating materials to select from for your commercial building. Each offers unique benefits, so learning more about them can help you make the right choice.


Acrylic roof coatings are water-based materials that provide a reasonable performance while being affordable. While the material’s thickness wears out over time, it is highly reflective to offer an increase in UV protection.


Elastomeric coatings work well with pitched roofs, or when combined with other coatings. It offers average water resistance and humidity resistance and is affordable. It does come with a strong smell, yet despite this issue, it works well in a range of different weather conditions.


Silicone coatings are ideal for buildings in wet environments as they provide excellent water resistance. This type of coating is water-cured and often doesn’t need a primer. Silicone doesn’t experience erosion issues like other coatings; however, it does attract dirt and dust as it can lose some of its reflectivity.

Finding the Coating for You

To decide on the right coating, consider the dimensions of the commercial roof and the roofing system materials. You want a coating that adheres properly. You also need to consider the climate and environmental factors. While some coatings work in all environments, others are strictly for wetter climates.

Choosing the Right Contractor

You’ll want a contractor who has experience with both commercial roofing types as well as roof coating materials. Get quotes and compare online reviews to narrow down the choices. Then assess the company based on the employee attitude and how they interact with customers.

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