Renovation Ideas for Your Commercial Property

An image of an office building in Houston Texas

Renovating a commercial property is a bit different from renovating a house. When considering renovating a commercial building you own (or are considering buying), here’s how to think about renovations so you invest in the future of the building.

Understand Possible Property Violations

Whenever you get a building permit for commercial renovations, any past property violations will come to light. If you own the building, you’ll be on the hook for paying for them but if you are renting, you might be able to get the landlord to cover the cost of bringing the property up to code. Either way, it’s smart to know which violations you might need to pay to fix in order to budget accordingly.

Fix Commercial Roofing

The building’s envelope, which includes the roof, doors, and windows, should always be inspected. If the envelope is not secure, it could pose a danger to your business or cause you to pay more for utilities, due to air leaks.

Have a professional roofer out to inspect the roof in search of leaks, dips in the roof where water could pool after a rainstorm, or problems with flashing. Fixing any of these issues will stave off structural damage in the long-term, saving your business money.

Upgrade Amenities and Facilities

To stay on code and accommodate customers with disabilities, you’ll need to consider upgrading amenities and facilities. Older buildings might be grandfathered in, allowing the business owner to get by without broadening hallways to accommodate a wheelchair, for example. However, if you’re planning major renovations, this could trigger the need to bring the property up to accessibility standards.

Health codes generally require that employees have access to a toilet inside the building (so you can’t send them to the building next door). If the premises doesn’t have bathrooms, you’ll need to update.


Paint brightens a space, elevates mood, and enforces your business branding. It’s also one of the simplest things you can do to change a commercial space.


After you’ve dealt with structural and cosmetic renovations, the last thing to do is add furniture that makes the space clean, comfortable, and welcoming to employees and customers alike.

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