Repair Your Chimney For the Holidays!

winter fireplaceNothing is homier than a hearth. Whether it’s holiday parties or family game nights, gathering by the fire connects people and creates memories. Even if you don’t use your chimney very often, there’s no question that a fireplace is a crucial and nostalgic accessory for the home. Before you use your chimney for the holiday season, always make sure it’s in good condition.

Get the Chimney Cleaned

Professional cleaning removes soot and ash, the byproduct of wood fires, creosote, a flaky residue that builds up in the flue, and glaze, a thick tar-like substance.

Cleaning helps the chimney operate efficiently and improves air quality in your home.

You might be tempted to clean the chimney yourself to save money, but chimney cleaning can be messy work. A professional chimney sweep will have brushes and vacuums that can reach all corners of the chimney.

Once the chimney’s been cleaned, have it inspected. It’s tricky to inspect a dirty chimney, which is why it’s important to schedule your chimney cleaning first.

Have the Chimney Inspected and Repaired

An annual chimney inspection ensures that your chimney is safe to use for the season. The inspector will check the chimney, flashing, flue, and other parts. An inspector can fix any problems identified, such as a crack in the flue or worn flashing.

While some problems are not serious, you should never use your fireplace if you’ve been told there is a crack in the flue. A cracked flue is a fire hazard, as it creates a channel for fire to enter the home and start a house fire.

Having your chimney inspected annually saves money in the long run, because regular preventative maintenance can ward off major chimney problems.

Brush Up on Fireplace Safety

Before you start using the fireplace regularly, replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and brush up on fire safety. You never know when an ember could start a fire, so keep anything flammable at least three feet away from the fireplace and invest in a fire extinguisher, just to be on the safe side.

Get Your Chimney Repaired

You rely on Brandstetter’s KangaRoof for roof work, but did you know we offer chimney services? Chimney cleaning and repair will make sure your chimney is ready for the holiday season. Count on us to fix chimney flashing, masonry, tuck pointing, flues, and more.