Why You Should Replace Your Roof this December

winterReplacing your roof is a big job, and many homeowners put it off until the last minute. This is risky because you could wind up paying more for an emergency roof when you let things go too long. Rather than wait until your need for roof work is critical, consider getting roof repair or replacement done in the off-season. You might not think it, but December is actually a great time to install a roof.

Why Get Your Roof Replaced in December

1. No Wait

If you’ve ever tried to get a roofer out during the summer, you might have been told to wait a week — or even a month. In winter, you can get a crew out right away and have the work done immediately, instead of waiting. If you’re the sort of person who likes to cross things off your list, this might appeal.

2. Save Money

Roofing contractors tend to raise their prices right before the busy season, so they can earn more money during the time of year when they do most of their work. You can avoid the next round of price increases by getting your roof fixed in the off season.

You may even save money on roofing materials by getting a new roof in December. Be on the lookout for seasonal sales or year-end discounts on roofing materials to get the work you need done for less.

3. Peace of Mind

Your roof takes a beating in the winter. You may have looked at your existing roof a few times and wondered how many more winters it can hold up for. If this thought has crossed your mind, it’s a strong sign that you need roof work sooner rather than later.

Replacing your roof now will give you the peace of mind that your home is protected against fierce storms this winter, and isn’t that priceless?

4. Avoid Rain

Rain is the enemy of roof repair. If a sudden storm came up while your home was exposed to the elements, it could be disastrous. Imagine having to throw out waterlogged furniture or rip out moldy drywall. December roof work means a very low chance of rain.

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