Roof Replacement in Peak Season Vs. Off-Season

Tool belt laying on a roof

Roof repair needs to happen when it’s nice out, right? You might think that would be true, but roofing contractors work year round. You could save money by getting your roof replaced in the off-season, but here’s what you need to know first.

Roof Replacement in Off-Season: What are the Pros and Cons?

  • Save money – Laws of supply and demand dictate higher prices for roofing work during the peak months. If you can give someone a job during their low season, they might cut you a deal.
  • Enjoy the same warranty protection – While there are some construction jobs requiring certain minimum temperatures (like painting), asphalt shingles can be installed no matter the temperature outside and you will enjoy the same warranty protection.
  • Wide selection – While you might have a hard time getting good contractors to return your calls in summer, since they’re booked out, most roofing professionals have wide availability in off-season. This means you’ll enjoy your pick of roofers.

Roof Replacement in Peak Season: What are the Pros and Cons?

  • Long wait – Roofing companies are very busy during the summer, so it’s not unusual that you’d need to wait a month to get a contractor out. If your roof is compromised, you might not be able to wait.
  • Higher prices – Roofing jobs tend to cost more during peak season, because suppliers increase their prices in the spring months.
  • Heat and Humidity – Heat and humidity soften roofing materials, and if a worker isn’t careful, they can damage shingles or the sublayer. If you’re considering roofing work in summer, select a licensed roofing contractor to avoid accidental materials damage that could compromise your new roof.
  • Predictable weather – Peak season, which is late summer through fall, tends to have stable weather. The winter and spring off-season brings snow and rain, which can cause job delays and add to the stress of the project. You’ll pay more for jobs done in peak season, but the work may wrap up faster with fewer unexpected hitches, so there is a trade-off.

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