Best Ways to Be a Good Neighbor

Two women sitting near a fireplace in a home

What does it mean to be a good neighbor? While each neighborhood has its own personality (and things are different if you live in a city compared with the suburbs), there are some commonalities to note. Here are six ways you can be a good neighbor.

Follow neighborhood rules

Official or unofficial neighborhood rules, such as those of a homeowners’ association, should always be followed.

Greet new neighbors

One of the best ways to create a neighborly feeling in your community is to greet neighbors when you pass them on street or wave when you are in your car. You might not always have the time for a lengthy conversation, but engaging in brief chats with neighbors and taking the time to welcome newcomers to the area creates goodwill.

Don’t be a neighborhood gossip

Gossip is one of the fastest ways to sow disharmony and discontent. Don’t spread rumors; set a good example for your neighbors.

Respect your neighbors’ property

Everyone has a choice of how to decorate their property; unless you live in a homeowners association and neighbors are breaking the rules, then it’s none of your business how neighbors take care of their property.

Do your part to make sure that your property doesn’t creep over their lines. If children throw a ball and it jumps a fence, retrieve it rather than leave in the neighbor’s yard. Don’t let shrubs grow out of control and creep across property lines. Show your neighbor respect and they’ll do the same.

Maintain curb appeal

Maintaining curb appeal by keeping up with landscaping, lawn mowing, exterior siding, and roofing not only maintains your home’s value, it’s the neighborly thing to do. No one wants to look at a mess!

Keep the noise at a reasonable level

Noise complaints are one of the biggest neighborhood issues. If you know that you’re hosting a party, consider letting neighbors know in advance by sending a letter. This way, people can make plans if they don’t want to be bothered by noise.

As much as possible, keep noise at a reasonable level. If you’re having a late-night party, don’t encourage your guests to gather on the back porch playing loud music, for example.

Get Help With Maintenance

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