Roofing Preventative Maintenance Tips  

Roofing Preventative Maintenance Tips Preventative maintenance for roofs keeps the worst-case scenario of a roof collapse at bay. With regular maintenance, your roof can hold up past its warranty. As a result, you’ll save money that you can use for other home repair projects. Whether you have a flat or sloped roof, you should look after it with preventative maintenance services.

What is Preventative Roof Maintenance?

Preventative roof maintenance should include twice annual inspections, usually conducted in the spring and fall to prepare the roof for winter or clean up winter weather damage. Seasonal swelling and contracting as well as heavy winds and storms can all damage a roof.

Roof maintenance will also include removing any debris from your roof. Whether you get moss due to shade, have a blanket of leaves on the roof, or find any other debris, removing it prevents damage.

Replacing aging or worn shingles helps keep moisture and mold out of your home.

Roof maintenance programs may also include gutter cleaning and repair. Tending to your gutters allows water to drain from your roof, so it won’t sink in and damage your home. Finally, preventative maintenance should include an annual inspection of your roof. A reputable service provider will estimate the remaining life of your roof so you can budget for eventual replacement and perform basic upkeep that protects your investment.

If you skimp on preventative maintenance, your roof could fail early. Additionally, failure to maintain your roof could void your warranty, leaving you solely responsible for the costs of the emergency repair. Even if you can cover the unanticipated expense, isn’t it better to protect your home or business?

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