Warning Signs: How to Avoid a Roof Collapse  

Roof collapseWhile a roof can collapse at any time of year, the risk is greater during winter. Learn the warning signs of a roof collapse and what to do about it.

Roof Collapse Warning Signs

Roofs collapse when the snow load exceeds their weight limit. Generally, roofs can easily support 20 pounds of snow per square foot without experiencing stress. Any more snow and the roof could experience strain. Both ice and packed snow weigh more than fresh snow, so if you’re hit with a series of storms and snow piles up, your roof could be in danger.

Signs that a roof may collapse include:

  • Difficulty opening doors and windows and/or keeping them closed
  • Visible sag in interior ceiling or in the roofline
  • Cracks develop in exterior wall
  • Leaking
  • Bending or rippling roof framing

If you see these signs, it’s critical to remove the snow from your roof before collapse occurs. Contact a professional roofer immediately. They can remove the snow, and then assess the damage to your roof.

To enjoy peace of mind and prevent a roof collapse, consider having your roof inspected in the fall. A professional roofer, like Brandstetter’s Kanga Roof can remove any debris from the roof, clean gutters, remove roof moss and algae, and make any repairs that will help your roof remain sturdy through the long winter and years to come.

Brandstetter’s KangaRoof services the greater Cincinnati tristate area for any roofing issues, including roof repair and replacement. Whether you are worried about roof collapse, want to schedule preventative maintenance, or need a quote for a new roof, give us a call.

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