Save Big Money by Getting a Professional Roof Inspection

Sometimes you need to spend money to make money (or save money). In the roofing industry, that means investing in roofing inspections, which can prevent you from the shock and financial sting of an unexpected roof repair that caught you unawares. Learn how you will save money over the lifetime of your roof when you invest in routine roofing inspections.

What is a Roofing Inspection?

During a roofing inspection, a service technician climbs up on your roof, inspects all elements of the roof, and takes note of anything that needs to be repaired or looks like it may be failing. At Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, we perform a 17-point roofing analysis that looks at everything from the health of your shingles to the seal around your chimney flashing.

Our technicians will make any needed repairs during the inspection, whenever possible. Our technicians will also let you know the condition of your roof including the amount of remaining useful life.

How a Roofing Inspection Saves You Money

As with anything in life, regular inspection keeps things top of mind. With your roof, this means you can anticipate and budget for needed repairs or replacements, saving a little money over time so you can cover the expense when it’s time to repair or replace the roof. When caught unawares with a roofing emergency, people are more likely to use credit cards or personal loans to pay for the repair.

Our technicians can predict roofing issues in some cases, and this can help you protect your home during summer storms and winter snows. For example, looking at cracked and loose shingles, our technicians can guess these may blow off during high winds. Gaps in shingles leave your home vulnerable to water damage, which would be an expensive repair. In this case, preventative maintenance of replacing cracked shingles could protect your home and save you money.

Several insurers offer discounts on homeowners insurance for preventative roofing maintenance. Thus, you could get a better rate by scheduling a yearly roof inspection.