Staying Safe During DIY Roofing Projects

Whether you want to save money or enjoy the challenge of learning new home improvement skills, there are times you might opt to tackle roofing repairs yourself. As Cincinnati residential roofers, we’ve received many calls over the years from homeowners who started a DIY roof project and realized they were in over their head. Let us present some safety tips for DIY roofing work gleaned from our roofing experience.

Safety Tips for DIY Roof Repair

Take the time before you start to learn about the planned repair and gather the right supplies. When you have everything on hand, you can minimize your trips up and down the ladder, where slips are more likely. Something people often overlook is a broom to clear debris from the roof. All it takes is one slip on a moldy leaf to fall, so it’s vital that you sweep off the roof before undertaking any task. Footwear is another often-overlooked item. You’ll want footwear that is non-slip, with good treads.

Always check the weather before you start roof work. Work only on clear days when rain is not forecast. The best time to work on the roof is midmorning, when the morning dew has evaporated but the heat of the day hasn’t fully set in. Avoid working on your roof too close to dusk, as your visibility can become compromised.

“Stay safe” is the one general rule we would give homeowners tackling roof repairs. There are many ways to stay safe with roof work, but two to consider are ladder safety and harnesses. Check the safety recommendation for your ladder and always follow those recommendations. Set the ladder on firm ground and angle the ladder so it rests securely on the roof. Once you’re up there, tether the ladder to an anchoring point so it won’t slide while you work.

Avoid rushing during roof repairs, as that increases the likelihood of an accident. Consider using roof brackets to create a stable working platform or a safety harness to prevent falls during DIY roof work.

Get an Estimate

One of the safest ways to repair your roof may be through the help of a professional. If you are having second thoughts about undertaking a DIY roof repair, let us help you out. Talk through your project and see how we can help, or get a free estimate for roof work.