Signs It’s Time for a Gutter Replacement

Sparrows sitting in a gutter

Gutters are your home’s first line of defense against water damage. When gutters themselves become damaged, they cannot do their job, leaving your home at risk of water damage. Read on to learn common warning signs it’s time for a gutter replacement.

Gutters have cracks or holes

Gutters develop holes or cracks as they age, often at the seams where the material is connected. You’ll know that your gutters have cracks or holes if water streams out of the gutters themselves rather than draining through the downspouts. While seams can sometimes be mended, if your gutters are worn out, it’s usually better to replace them.

Gutters are separating

If your gutters are separating from the roof line, they’ll seem to sag. If your gutters are separating from one another, you may notice the gutter sections no longer line up. Both types of separation are dangerous, because they disrupt the gutter channel that carries water away from the home. If you leave separating or sagging gutters in place, you put the home at risk of water damage.

Gutters aren’t draining right

Properly designed gutters direct water away from the home where it can drain in the yard. However, if the gutter system isn’t set up right, excess water can actually erode grass and dirt or, worse, pass through the soil to the home’s foundation and pool in the basement. A gutter repair technician can evaluate the situation and recommend repair or replacement.

Gutter fasteners are broken

Fasteners tether your gutter to the roof. If fasteners are broken or missing, the gutter will not remain in place, particularly if it becomes weighted down with autumn leaves or winter snows. Replacing the fastener will usually fix the problem, but other repairs are necessary, gutter replacement may be more cost-effective.

Peeling paint

Paint peels when it’s exposed to moisture, such as high humidity or water. If your home’s exterior paint is peeling, it’s a red flag the water is penetrating the siding–most likely coming from your gutters. If peeling is contained to a few areas, gutter repair may work; however, if it’s widespread, get gutters replaced before your home’s siding is compromised.

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