What to Do If a Tree Falls on Your Roof?

Dimly lit photograph of a home in a deep fog

A tree falling on your home is a major emergency homeowners hope never happens to them. But high winds and strong storms do cause tree limbs and trees to fall. Know what to do in case a tree falls on your house so you can take quick action to protect your family and your home.

Stay Safe

The first thing to do if a tree falls on your house is to get out of the house. Evacuate everyone to safety, then call 911 as soon as you are safe. Emergency professionals can help you assess the integrity of the home and damage. They will also check whether the power lines or gas lines were damaged in the incident, which is critical to preventing fire problems after a tree falls on a house.

Call Your Home Insurance Provider

Your insurance company covers damages from incidents like this, so they should be the next person you notify. Typically, insurance companies will send an adjuster out to the scene to survey the damage and calculate the cost to repair. This can take several days if there’s been a major storm, so you’ll want to call as soon as possible to get in the line. While you’re waiting for the insurance adjuster to arrive, take photos of your home from all angles to show the damage.

Additionally, the insurance company may ask you to take certain actions to protect the home, which you should implement as soon as possible. If there’s a hole in the roof, they may advise you to cover the damaged area with a tarp, for instance. While it may be tempting to get on the roof yourself and assess the damage or lay down a tarp, do not do this. Roofs can be slippery when wet, and the tree may have caused significant structural damage. Your best course of action is to call in a roofer who can help here.

Schedule Roof Repair

Once the insurance company approves the claim, you can move forward with roof repair. Frequently after storms, roofers pop up offering to help. Rather than choosing someone who approaches you, pick out a local roofer who you can call ahead of time.

Get a Quote for Roof Repair

If your Cincinnati area roof was damaged by a falling tree, we can help. Contact us for an estimate.