Signs You’re Working with a Quality Roofing Contractor

Tool belt sitting on a roof

The integrity and professionalism of your contractor can make or break your roofing replacement project…but just how do you verify that a contractor is reputable before you hire them? Look for these six traits to know you’re in good hands.

They provide information you request

When bidding on a project, a contractor should provide you with any information you request, whether it’s a scope of work, fully fleshed-out bid, or references. If someone drags their heels or defers getting you something you’ve asked for, they’re not a good choice.

They give you a detailed analysis of the project

The best contractors understand that their customers aren’t building professionals. They go above and beyond to break down the project in a way that the customer can understand, and they’re willing to walk you through it in person or over the phone. If a contractor won’t do this for you, then it’s a red flag: if problems arise during the project, they won’t explain it to you, either.

They stick to the contract

A contract protects both you and your contractor. It assures you they’ll do the work you’re paying for and it prevents them from “scope creep,” which happens when too many items get tacked onto the project without amendments. And in case it needs to be said…any roofing contractor that tries to fix your roof without making you sign a contract is someone to run away from! Always insist upon a contract for roofing work.

They respect your property

While a contractor is at your home, they’re on your property. They need to respect your property, including any rules you set. If a contractor can’t commit to respect the work hours you set, or ground rules regarding things like clean up, bathroom breaks, or parking, they’re not someone you want to establish a working relationship with.

They’re a good communicator

Unexpected things are often a problem in home repair projects. When something unexpected occurs, a good contractor will always contact you straight away. Whenever difficulties arise in the construction and renovation process, it’s generally due to communication breakdowns. Hire someone who seems to be a good communicator during the estimate and bidding process to reduce problems that may arise.

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