Top Maintenance Services to Hire Out as a Commercial Business

Commercial business landlords have a lot on their plate. Outsourcing can reduce the burden while keeping commercial property in the best shape for tenants and guests. Yet what services should be outsourced? These are popular maintenance services commercial businesses choose to hire out.


Landscaping is among the most popular services to outsource, because commercial tenants and their guests appreciate curb appeal. A landscaping company can take care of the grass, water established plantings, and create low-maintenance plantings that accent the building’s entrance and make everyone feel welcome.

Interior cleaning

Interior cleaning is critical as employees return to work after Covid-19. If you don’t already have a cleaning service, you need a specialist on hand who can clean and disinfect each night.

Window cleaning

Few business owners have the desire or experience to be up on a scaffold washing the windows. No wonder most people bring in a team of professional window cleaners.

Pest control services

While you hate to think of pests in the building, chances are that your commercial property has its share of vermin. Unless the building’s envelope is 100 percent sealed, bugs or mice are getting in somewhere. Bringing in a pest control team stops vermin in their tracks, so the building is a safe place to come to work.

Roof replacement/repair

Just as few building owners want to clean the window, few want to get on the roof to inspect its condition or make repairs. Given how damaging a roof leak could be, many commercial building owners bring on a professional roofing service. Annual inspections make sure the roof is in good shape and fix any minor issues. Roof replacement, while infrequent, absolutely must be done by a professional.


Building owners and managers should be able to unclog a toilet here or there. Beyond that, they could be doing more harm than good trying to work on the plumbing if, for instance, DIY plumbing repairs cause a slow leak.

HVAC inspection

Whether inspection, maintenance, or annual cleaning, it’s best to leave HVAC work to the professionals. Tinkering with the system could be expensive if you accidentally break something while adjusting the settings or cleaning a boiler.

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