Spring Clean Your Gutters

Eastern Rosella Parrot sitting on the gutters of a roof

Spring is almost here and that means it’s time to clean your gutters. Here’s what we recommend for spring roof and gutter maintenance.

Clean Gutters

Al through fall and winter, branches and leaves can fall into the gutter, blocking the ability of your gutters to do their job. Now is the time to clean them out, so that your gutters can operate efficiently during spring rains. If you neglect this step, your gutters could back up and become slow to drain, and your roof might sustain water damage as a result.

Trim Branches Nearby

Backyard trees should not be so close to the roof that they drape over it. If so, branches and leaves will fall on the roof. Nearby trees can also shade the roof from sun exposure, which encourages moss growth. For several reasons, it’s best to trim branches off of the roof to increase sun exposure and decrease wear and tear associated with falling branches.

Wash out the Gutters

Your gutters can become contaminated with all sorts of things you may not notice from the ground, such as bird droppings, dirt, moss, and mildew. These elements can weaken the roofing system if they are not removed. While you are having the gutters cleaned, it’s wise to wash them out thoroughly to remove and debris that has become lodged in the gutters. If you skip this step, the debris will become compacted by branches and leaves that fall into the gutter.

Do not use a pressure washer to clean out gutters, as this can be too powerful for gutters. A garden hose and gentle cleaning solution works fine in most cases.

Fix any Damage From the Winter

Whenever you’re having roof or gutter work done, we recommend looking for any damage and fixing it promptly. Winter winds, snow, and ice can damage shingles by causing cracking or tearing. Ice dams can lead to leaks that get under the roofing system. Always have a professional roofer check out the condition of the roof and make repairs to keep the overall roofing system in good shape, so it can protect your house for years to come.

Schedule a Spring Cleaning

Reserve an appointment now for gutter cleaning to get top priority.