How Long Can I Expect It to Take to Replace a Roof?

Wooden Trusses of a roof

A roof replacement is a major repair, so it’s only natural that you’d want to know how long it will take. It can be difficult to estimate since every roof is unique, but here are some guidelines that can help you plan.

Average Time to Replace a Roof

Roof replacement time for an average-sized home varies based on your choice of material. Asphalt roof tends to go up the quickest, generally from one to two days. Flat roofs, synthetic roofs, or wood shake roofs tend to take three or four days. Specialty materials such as natural slate could take as long as one week to install.

Considerations With Roof Replacement Time Frame

Of course, these averages figure that the weather is perfect and there are no delays with materials. If your home is larger than average then you can expect the job to take longer. Roofers generally don’t work in the rain. While they will try to schedule your job for when the weather is good, inclement weather can cause delays. Roofers will do what they can to secure the job site and protect against the elements, so even if it does rain, your home will be protected. High winds are something that roofers needs to consider as well, so in the event of high wind while your roof is being replaced there could be a delay.

If you’re replacing an asphalt roof, you can either put new shingles on top of the old ones (assuming they are in good condition) or remove the old roof and put on a new one. The first method is significantly faster, but it all depends on the condition of your singles. A roofer will suggest a method based on your roof’s condition.

Likewise, if the roof decking is damaged and needs to be replaced, the job will extend beyond the time frame so that repairs can be made to the decking before the new roof is installed.

Historic homes tend to take longer, since workers must often take special care when dealing with historic features of the home, such as an old-fashioned gutter system.

While these estimates help you understand what to expect, there is no substitute for a personal estimate that takes the size and condition of your roof into account. Get a no-obligations estimate from Brandstetter’s KangaRoof today.