How to Handle a Storm-Damaged Roof

stormSpring storms are right around the corner. Hail, high winds, and rain can all damage your roof. Brush up on how to spot roof damage and what steps to take if your roof is damaged.

Signs of Roof Damage

Once a storm has passed, go out to the yard to check your roof. Strong winds may blow shingles off the roof, so you could see shingles on the lawn or gaps on your roof. If large branches have come down on the lawn, they may have caused roof damage.

Go up on the roof to get a closer look. Creased shingles suggest that the shingle seals were loosened by high winds, and their integrity may be compromised.

Hail damage is easy to see: Look for dents and round, discolored patches on shingles. If your downspouts are full of shingle damage, it could suggest hail damage too.

If you’re concerned, have a professional roofer check things out right away. If you wait, your home could sustain water damage, mold or mildew as a result of undetected storm damage to your roof.

Filing Insurance Claims

Homeowner’s insurance protects your roofing system from storm damage. Your insurance carrier will require that you get an estimate as part of the claim process, and they will require that estimate come from a professional roofer.

Insurers require homeowners to seek coverage as soon after the storm event as possible. Once you notice your roof was damaged in the storm, contact a pro right away. The faster you file, the faster your roof will get fixed and the less damage your home will sustain. There’s also less chance the insurer will reject your claim.

Brandstetter’s Kanga Roof is a licensed roofer serving the Cincinnati area. We have demonstrated experience not only making roof repairs but helping homeowners through the insurance claims process. We’ll provide a comprehensive estimate so you have all the data you need to file your claim and work with you if your insurer needs more information.

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