How to Protect Your Home From Rainy Season

roof in rainy seasonRain is your home’s enemy. If rain penetrates the roof, basement, or other area of your home it can cause extensive water damage, mold, and mildew. The good news is, there are ways you can protect your home from the worst of rainy season, so you can enjoy peace of mind when it pours.

Direct Runoff Away From Your Home

Rain that falls on your roof should always be directed away from the home via gutters and downspouts. If your gutters are clogged, water will pool. It can seep underneath the shingles and cause major structural damage. Have your gutters cleaned twice a year to prevent this. Spring and fall are ideal.

Check that downspouts direct the runoff away from your home; otherwise, rainwater could seep into your foundation. Extending downspouts often solves drainage issues near the foundation.

Grade issues can cause problems with runoff. Your home should sit above your lawn, so water naturally drains away from the house. If this isn’t the case, talk to landscapers about drainage solutions for your property.

Combat Condensation

Anytime warm and cold air meet, condensation occurs. Condensation is frequently an issue in basements with concrete walls, which stay cooler than other materials. If it isn’t dealt with, the moisture can cause damage to your home.

To tell whether you have condensation or a small leak, tape plastic wrap over the moist area. If moisture collects inside the plastic, there’s a leak. If moisture beads up on the surface of the plastic, it’s condensation.

Dehumidifiers are a simple and effective solution to condensation.

Groundwater Swelling

During periods of heavy rain, more water falls than the ground can absorb. In what’s known as groundwater swelling, pools of water will collect on your lawn, driveway, or garden. This may cause water to seep into your basement, garage, or home.

Groundwater swelling can cause significant property damage. Solutions include installing a sump pump to handle the inflow of water, waterproofing the basement, and keeping on top of foundation cracks.