Understanding and Addressing Different Roof Noises

roof with skylight

When getting ready for bed, you may hear strange sounds coming from the roof. There may be banging, tapping, popping, or whistling noises. While you may assume that the noises come from night creatures on the prowl, the noises may actually signify that there is something going on with the roofing system itself. Learn more about varying roof noises and how to fix the issues.

Tapping or Banging

When hearing a tapping or banging noise that is not consistent or daily, it may come from the shingles. If you hear the sound on windy days and during storms, the shingles may be loose as the wind is picking up the loose part. The shingle taps against the plywood sheathing when the wind dies down. The best way to address this problem is to repair the loose shingles.

Cracking or Popping

Cracking and popping noises may occur during the early morning or evening hours. These noises may come from the house itself or the roofing materials. The materials are expanding and contracting with the changing outdoor temperatures.
The roof absorbs the heat during the day as the materials expand. In the evenings when the sun goes down, the materials shrink. This expansion and contraction movement can cause noises. There is not much you can do about cracking and popping noises as they are normal occurrences. The contractor who installed the roof would allow for space so that the materials can expand and contract without damage.

Whistling Noise

Whistling noises along the roof could come from the wind. Yet there could be bigger problems with the roofing system. A whistling sound may come from a gap or leak along the roof. Water and air are moving along the materials and causing them to whistle. Inspecting the area of the noise for gaps and water penetration will allow you to take the next steps in getting for repair.

Importance of Roof Inspections for the Noise

The longer you live in your Cincinnati home, the more familiar you will get with the normal sounds that it makes. Yet you shouldn’t just assume that every sound is just from the house settling or the wind. You should obtain a roof inspection for any noise that is not normal.

The roofing contractor can pinpoint the sound and figure out if it is a warning sign that something serious is happening to the roof system. If you are in need of roof inspections or repairs, contact Brandstetter’s KangaRoof.