Why You Should Invest in Quality Roof Maintenance

man performing roof maintenance

From severe thunderstorms to brutal winter blizzards, Cincinnati roofs handle the toughest weather conditions year-round. Maintaining your roof is a top priority to have a safe and comfortable home. When it comes to getting quality roof maintenance performed by professional inspectors, there are several reasons why you should never avoid this important investment.

Prolong Roof Lifespan

When you fix the small problems early, then they won’t become bigger issues later on. This phrase is often used in the construction industry for good reasons. An improperly maintained roof will experience rot, decay, and deterioration without a homeowner even knowing about it until a leak or other visible sign appears. In fact, studies have shown that the roofing materials will only last to half the manufacturers’ stated potential lifespans when there are no regular roofing inspections performed by professional Cincinnati roofing companies.

The more damage that a roof has, the greater the potential for unsafe conditions. Once rot and mold settle into the roofing materials, it can become hard to remove these issues. It also becomes costly when having to replace parts of the roof structure. With proper roof maintenance, you can increase the longevity as well as the safety of your home’s roof system.

Expert Maintenance is Crucial

It is fantastic when a homeowner wants to get involved with the regular maintenance of the roof. It allows you to learn more about the roof system and can help you spot certain issues that need to be addressed. Yet keep in mind that there are numerous building elements that make up a standard roofing system and some systems can be very complex. If you don’t know what these elements are, you may accidentally skip over checking them for potential issues.

A professional roofer understands what to look for and will keep an eye on certain issues that you may miss. They understand how long typical building materials and manufacturing brands last and can provide you with advice about how to keep your roof in working order.

Also, roof installation warranties may require that only professionals should perform regular maintenance. If a failure occurs and you do not have proof that regular maintenance was performed, the warranties may be canceled.

Questions Homeowners Should Ask Roof Maintenance Professionals

There are several questions that homeowners should ask roof professionals when getting roof installation, repairs, replacement, or maintenance work.

  • How often should the roof be inspected? Keep in mind that roof complexity, the types of materials used, and the regional climate can dictate the number of inspections that a roof should get yearly.
  • What tools and techniques are used when inspecting roofs after natural disasters, fires, hail damage, lightning, and other vulnerabilities? While visual inspection is often used during maintenance inspections, professionals will also employ other tools such as thermal cameras and capacitance meters.
  • Who will assist you with emergency repairs or damage? Some manufacturers require that only roof contractors with special certification can perform repairs to their roof products when under warranty.

For Cincinnati homes, it is always advisable to get, at the very least, two roof inspections per year. Reach out to Brandstetter’s KangaRoof for advice regarding roof maintenance and repairs.