What to Do if You Have a Leaky Skylight?

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If your skylight is leaking, you need to work fast to prevent damage to the home. Here are five steps to take if you notice your skylight is leaking.

1. Verify it’s a leak, not condensation

Condensation can be similar to a leak, but is harmless. Verify that it’s actually a leak, not condensation. Condensation is likely when it’s a humid environment and may be reduced by using a dehumidifier.

2. Caulk around the glass

Skylights have a layer of caulk where glass meets the metal frame. Over time, this caulk can become patchy. If the caulk is eroded such that water is leaking in, applying fresh caulk can fix things. What caulk cannot fix, however, is a skylight that has water trapped in between the glass and the seal. You’ll know water is trapped under the seal when the skylight has a foggy or milky look. If your skylight is foggy and you don’t like it, you’ll need to replace the skylight to restore the clarity of the glass.

3. Remove debris

Skylights that open and close can develop leaks if something prevents the skylight from closing properly. Open the skylight fully to check that nothing is blocking the skylight from closing. Removing leaves, sticks, and other debris can fix a leaking skylight by allowing it to close fully.

4. Replace cracked glass

If a skylight glass becomes cracked, there is no quick fix. You’ll need to have the skylight replaced altogether.

5. Get a professional’s help

Since there are many reasons for a skylight to leak, it’s wise to call a professional who can inspect things. Have a professional evaluate the skylight and make their recommendations. If your skylight is old or in poor quality, you may be better off replacing the unit with a high-quality skylight, such as those manufactured by Velux.

It’s important to act quickly when you notice a leaky skylight. Even a small amount of water leaking in during storms can add up to major structural damage to the roof and home if left unaddressed.

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