Three Tips to Guard Against Basement Flooding

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Basement flooding can cause significant structural damage to your home, lead to mold or mildew problems in the house, and ruin your valuable belongings. Learn the best ways to prevent your basement from flooding to protect your family’s home and health.

Clean Gutters

Your gutters should be cleaned in the spring and the fall. If you bypass recommended cleaning, your basement could end up flooding. When gutters are clogged, rainwater cannot reach the downspouts. Instead, it will end up spilling over the flooded gutters and saturating the ground near the foundation. If the soil becomes saturated, water could seep in through cracks in the foundation and wet the basement.

If the gutters are clean and the basement still floods, the downspouts may not be long enough to divert water from the house. Extending the downspouts and making sure they turn water away from the house could help.

Divert Water Away From the Home

Homes are more likely to flood when the landscaping slopes toward the foundation, rather than away. If the ground tilts toward the house, creative landscaping solutions can divert rainwater away from the home to prevent floods. Consider putting in a rain garden of plants that thrive on water, or add extra mulch so the natural material will soak up a heavy rain. Alternately, you can put in a swale, which is a divot between two higher points. The swale can divert water from the foundation, so the basement stays dry.

Install a Basement Sump Pump

If your basement doesn’t stay dry, you may want to install a sump pump. A sump pump operates in the same way as a drain, so that if any water does get into the basement, it will be removed via the pump. While these may be hardwired, it’s smart to have a battery-operated backup for the pump. This way, the pump will continue to work if the power goes out during a big storm. Periodically check the sump pump to make sure that it’s working properly and to ensure that you won’t get caught off guard during a major storm.

Schedule a Gutter Cleaning

If your gutters are clogged with leaves, get them cleaned before the spring rains to keep your basement free of water. So that you can get an appointment when you need it, contact us to schedule your spring gutter cleaning now.