What to Expect from a Roof Inspection

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Perhaps you know that Brandstetter’s KangaRoof offers roof inspections. But what you may not know is what happens during a roof inspection and how this ultimately protects your home. Learn the common factors our technicians check for during a roofing analysis, plus how often we recommend homeowners get this inspection.

Structural Integrity

This is where it all begins: is your roof structurally sound to protect your home? During this phase of the roof inspection, our technicians will check the state of the chimney, shingles, attic venting, and overall roofing planes. While you might be able to spot a couple of missing shingles from the ground, you’ll get better mileage by sending a professional onto the roof to check things out. Roofing damage compounds over time, so its better to fix minor issues as they arise than delay repair only to increase the final costs.

State of Materials

Assuming that the roof is intact and in good quality, the technician will examine the roofing materials. Whether they’re made of tile, wood, or asphalt, shingles weather over time. A technician will check whether shingles are loose, curling or missing. They’ll look for rusty patches on metal flashing, which guards against water. And they’ll check whether shingle granules have loosened and settled in the valleys on your roof. When damaged materials are confined to a portion of the roof, you may be able to repair the area. If damage is widespread, replacement may be the better option. The technician will evaluate the condition and remaining useful life of all roofing materials to help you decide.


If the roof is starting to fail, it will cause leaks inside the house. Roofing technicians will usually inspect the attic for signs of leaks, such as staining or mold. They’ll also examine interior walls.


If the contractor was not up to par, there may be problems with your roof or chimney, even if the materials are relatively new. Determining the quality of the workmanship is an important aspect of gauging the remaining life of a roof, so this is where a technician will likely begin when inspecting a roof for a new customer.

Schedule Your Roofing Inspection

We generally recommend homeowners get an annual roof inspection for their home once roofs reach five years of age. To reserve your appointment with our licensed roofing professionals, contact us today.