Why Should You Clean Gutters in the Spring?

Gutter Guard on a roof

Spring is here, which means that it’s time to clean gutters. If you’re unsure why gutter cleaning is so important to spring home maintenance, let us tell you.

Why Cincinnati Homeowners Need Spring Gutter Cleaning

Cincinnati has seasonal climates: snowy winters, rainy springs, hot summers, and autumns where leaves shed (often clogging those very same gutters, which we recommend you clean in fall as well).

These seasonal weather patterns mean that your gutters are probably clogged with fallen leaves, broken sticks, or dirt and debris. As a result, they’re not able to keep up with the spring rain. If rain cannot drain out of the gutters, it risks causing water damage to your home. This could take the form of mold and mildew, which cause health problems. Or it could take the form of structural problems by degrading the underlying roofing materials until they’re no longer able to perform as intended.

While rain can occur at any time of the year, it does tend to be highest in the spring. Thus, you’ll want to clean your gutters now to get ahead of the damage.

Spring gutter cleaning is also preventative in other ways. As the weather warms, mosquitos can begin to breed in standing water. Other vermin can be attracted because they are looking for acceptable drinking water. By cleaning gutters in spring, you can prevent this sort of water buildup in late spring and summer. You’ll be able to enjoy outside with fewer bug bites, and you will experience fewer pest problems as a result.

Even if it’s a dry spring, you should worry about pest presence in clogged gutters. You may be surprised to find out that mice, rats, squirrels, and even wasps can make their homes in the stuff found in your gutter. They might move right in and become a nuisance by the time the weather warms. Worse, they could even make their way inside the house, causing property damage.

Schedule Gutter Cleaning

At Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, we offer gutter cleaning for homes and businesses throughout Cincinnati. We can also repair damaged gutters, so they are able to drain water away from the home, reducing pest presence and keeping your home protected from water damage. To take care of your gutters before spring rains come, reserve your appointment online or by calling our experienced gutter care technicians at 513.713.0418.