What to Keep in Mind When Buying a House with an Old Roof

old house with old roof

Cincinnati homebuyers will purchase existing homes instead of constructing brand new ones to have places that are move-in ready. Some home sellers will replace or repair a roof before selling it. Other people will leave an old roof on the house and reduce the purchase price. Here are several helpful tips about buying a house with an old roof.

“Old” Is a Subjective Term

Just because a roof is old doesn’t mean it is in bad condition. Roof materials have varying product lifespans. Some can last 15 years and others can last up to 30 years. It will always depend on the type of material that has been used and how well it has been maintained.

You may find an old roof that is 15 years old and is in great shape due to the seller’s upkeep. On the other hand, you may encounter a home where the roof is only 5 years old but is in terrible condition because of poor maintenance. In the end, it will all be left to you to decide on which house to buy and the type of repairs or maintenance you want to invest in the roof.

An Old Roof May Still Be Fully Functional

Even an old roof that needs a little care could be a great purchase. If there are no signs of immediate damage but just wear and tear, you can get the roof recoated to further extend the lifespan of the materials. A roof that doesn’t show any structural signs of failure is considered a good thing. You may be able to hold off on replacement for a few years until after you get settled in.

Could Be Your Chance for a Better Roofing Option

If the roof is old, you may want to replace it anyway. It is your opportunity to pick out materials and roofing styles that best fit your preferences. Switching the materials early on is a good investment in the future, as you’ll know exactly the condition of the roof and how it is maintained.

Potentially Saving on Sale Price

An old roof is a great discount option for homeowners wanting to save money. You could ask the seller for a lower price if the roof is old since you’ll be taking on the task of getting it repaired or replaced. Other times, if the roof is in terrible condition, you can make the closing transaction contingent on having the seller replace or repair the roof before signing the agreement.

ALWAYS Get an Inspection

Never skip out on getting an inspection of the roof. It could be a costly headache if it is in bad condition, and it will be up to you to fix it once the closing transaction is completed. Make sure that the inspector you hire is knowledgeable about the roofing system as they can spot possible defects that you may not notice during the walk-through. There are times when a newer roof is better and brings peace of mind versus getting a home with an older roof.

Good, Bad, or Ugly – Trust Your Gut

If you instantly fall in love with the house, there is no reason not to buy it even though it has a bad roof. However, keep in mind that a bad roof can have substantial consequences on your finances if you don’t budget for repairs and replacement costs early. Here at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, we can help make the decision easier by offering roof inspections as well as repair and replacement services. Contact us today.