Why Are People Choosing Metal Roofs?

black metal roofing

Roofing material options have grown over the past few decades. Many materials that were used strictly for commercial buildings have now made their way into residential settings. One such material is metal. Metal roofing materials have gained in popularity due to their numerous benefits as you can continue to read to see why it has become a popular choice.

Beautiful AND Durable

Metal roofs can withstand a range of harsh environments, including areas of high moisture and humidity, without corrosion. This feature makes the material ideal for a range of different climates and locations. You also have various design and style options that can match the architectural style of your home.

Much More Longevity

Metal roofs have an impressive 40 years to 70 years of product life when properly maintained. This lifespan is longer than the more traditional asphalt roofing materials. Metal roofs are extremely weather-resistant as they can withstand harsh UV exposure, rain, ice, snow, and wind.

Nature Resistant

Metal roofs are nature resistant. They resist moisture penetration and will not rot or warp. The materials are also pest-resistant. Animals that often cause holes to enter roofs to create a home and breed can find it difficult to get past this type of barrier. Rodents and termites cannot cause damage.

More Economically Practical

The price for metal roof installation can vary depending on the type of metal used and the style. A typical installation can cost from $100 to $1000 per square foot. However, the initial investment pays off over time due to the gained energy savings, the low maintenance costs, and the longevity of the roofing materials.

More Environmentally Friendly

A great benefit of metal roofs is that they are completely recyclable. Most panels are made from 25% up to 95% recycled materials and they can be fully recycled into other products. They also use less energy to produce and transport. Due to these benefits, your household carbon emissions are reduced.

Improved Safety

Metal roofs can improve the safety of your home. It can withstand harsh weather conditions while also offering fire resistance. The metal panels are also pest and allergen-resistant. This material’s resistance to these issues ensures the stability and durability of the entire roofing structure.

There are many factors to consider on getting a metal roof. If you are interested in this roofing material and would like to know whether you can have it installed on your home, contact Brandstetter KangaRoof.