What You Should Know About Your Roof and Severe Weather

hard rain on roof

Severe weather is unpredictable. While the weather report could call for potential storms, the intensity of the storm can change at any second and be far worse. Here are some things to know about severe weather and your roof.

Severe Weather Impacts Your Roof

Heavy winds, gale winds, hail, and heavy snow can cause significant damage to the roof. This damage can be so severe that repairs simply cannot bring your roof back to its original condition as roof replacement is necessary. A storm can also cause internal building problems such as mold growth due to leaks.

Roofing Risk Factors

Roofing materials can be designed to reduce certain risks. There are materials designed for wind resistance, hail resistance, and fire resistance. Knowing the types of weather conditions and other risk factors in your region can allow you to select the right material for your roof. You also need to get regular maintenance and check-ups to help mitigate weather-related damage.

Protection Strategies

A roof can only protect your home from severe weather if it is well-maintained. Performing regular preventative maintenance can allow you to address small issues that could cause your roof system to fail during weather events. You should invest in quality roofing materials that fit the local climate and address freezing resistance to prevent the breakdown of roofing materials that lead to degradation.

Always use qualified professionals for roof installations, repairs, replacement, and inspections. Someone who is not qualified in these areas may inadvertently damage the roofing system when performing installation or repairs, or miss potential issues during the inspection.

Knowing What to Look for

While having a professional perform inspections can help get someone experienced to look over the structure and provide advice, the homeowner can also help spot weather-related issues between inspection periods. You want to look for shingle damage such as warping, cracks, punctures, missing/loose shingles, or granule loss. Also, check for flashing damage that could lead to moisture penetration. Get repairs immediately before the next storm rolls into the region.

Severe weather can take a toll on any type of roofing material. Brandstetter’s KangaRoof offers roofing inspections to help spot damage as we can provide options to get the roofing system back into good condition. Contact us today.