How Long Does It Take to Build a Custom Home?

Custom home being built

Building a home from scratch is one way to get everything you want in a house, but the process is not for everyone. Building a new home often costs more and takes longer than anticipated–but exactly how long are builders talking?

Average Time to Build a New Home

New homes take an average of nine months to build when they are custom. Choosing a production home will decrease the build time to six months on average.

Within different regions of the country, home construction times take longer.The Northeast has the longest time frame for new home construction, usually around eleven months. The South has the fastest home construction time frame, generally around six months.

Delays in Building a New Home

As anyone who’s ever had a home renovation project knows, there are factors outside the control of the builder. Bad weather, supply chain issues, licensing and permitting, and the availability of specialized subcontractors can also impact the amount of time it takes to complete the build.

In some cases, the homeowners themselves can cause delays by altering the scope of the job along the way. If you have strong preferences about your home and don’t love the way something looks when it’s completed, you might ask the team to tear it down and do it again, for example.

While some of these delays, such as bad weather, will not add to the cost of the job, alternations to the scope such as what’s mentioned above will drive costs up. It’s always worth keeping an eye on your budget when getting into a custom home design and build, as costs can inflate beyond what you’d budget for–or borrowed as a mortgage loan–if you’re not monitoring things.

So you can keep an eye on costs and avoid problems associated with poor-quality workmanship, seek out a quality contractor for the job. Skilled contractors usually have networks of relationships with subcontractors and specialists, from plumbers to roofers. They’ll be able to bring the right crew together to create your home while minimizing delays.

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