Are Solar Panels Safe For My Roof?

Solar panel system installed on a roof

When thinking of getting solar panels, homeowners are more likely to evaluate their sun exposure than the condition of their roof. Yet the roofing condition is key to the success of a solar panel installation. Here’s what you need to know about roof condition and solar panels.

Roof Damage

Most homeowners want solar panels mounted on their roofs rather than placed in their yards. That’s understandable, but many homeowners don’t survey the roof for damage first.

If parts of your roof are damaged, the integrity of the roofing system could be compromised. Your roof could develop leaks. Even a simple fix, such as replacing torn asphalt shingles, becomes much more complicated once solar panels have been installed.

Roof Age

Most roofing systems last anywhere from 20 to 30 years on average. If your roof is closer to the upper end of this estimate, it might save you money to replace the roofs before you get solar panels.

Roofing materials can become brittle with age. A roofing system that protects from the elements may develop fractures when solar panels are installed due to the age of the system. Old roofing systems may not be able to provide adequate support for a solar panel system either.

Rather than guess at the condition of your roof or its ability to support solar panels, have your roofing system inspected by professional – and not one who installs solar panels, but a professional roofer.

Repairing or Replacing a Roof Before Installing Solar Panels

Considering that solar panels will need to be removed for roofing work once they’ve been installed, doesn’t it make sense to do repairs first, rather than pay extra to have panels removed and replaced?

If you suspect that your roof needs repairs or if the roof is old, then you know you will need roof work done in the future. It will be easier to do the work without solar panels and the job will be cheaper for you as a result. If you opt to get solar panels before roof replacement, find out what the cost will be to temporarily remove the panels and reinstall them so you can budget accordingly for roofing work.

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