How Do I Choose the Right Contractor?

Architect walking towards building

One of the most important decisions you will make is selecting a contractor for home repair projects. Since most roofing systems last 20 years or more, homeowners may not need a roofer as often as they’d need a plumber, so they may not have someone in mind when the roof develops a problem. Here’s how we recommend approaching the search for a roofing contractor.

Do Your Research

Even if you haven’t used a roofer, odds are someone you know has. Ask friends and neighbors for their recommendations. Social media apps such as Nextdoor or Facebook allow you to ask for recommendations, so those are good places to try.

Look for Red Flags

We’ve all heard stories of the roofing company that blew into town on the coattails of a big storm, offering cheap roofing work only to skip out once they were paid without doing the work. Be on the lookout for red flags when screening contractors. If a price seems too good to be true, there is a catch somewhere.

Compare Contractor’s Portfolios

Roofing is not licensed in Ohio, so unfortunately many people can claim they are roofers when they do not have the experience and professionalism to get the job done right. The burden is on you, the homeowner, to do your due diligence when screening contractors. We recommend asking questions about their experience so you can compare one roofing firm with another.

Any reputable contractor will share examples of past projects with you. Check their portfolios to see whether you like the quality of the work. If someone doesn’t want to share a portfolio, it’s a red flag.

Review and Compare Bids

Ask any contractor who has a strong portfolio to submit a bid for the job. Review bids not just with an eye toward cost, but taking into account things like time frame, availability, quality of materials, and guarantees.

Make the Best Decision Based on Price and Quality

Reputation, work quality, and price: these are all important factors for deciding which contractor to hire. Never let price alone guide your decision making, as the old adage is true. You get what you pay for.

We know that choosing a contractor can feel overwhelming, and we’re happy to provide no obligations estimates and other information as you plan a roof repair or replacement. To get started, contact us today: 513.713.0418