What Can Damage Your Commercial Roof?

commercial building roofWhile you might understand what threatens your home’s roof, can you say the same for your commercial building? Commercial roofs face some challenges that residential roofs may not. To protect your roof, learn to identify these common threats.


Exposure to sunshine day after day wears down your roofing materials, even if you apply UV protection. Seasonal heating and cooling contribute to the aging affect. When materials age, they crack and fail. It’s vital that you have your commercial roof serviced before it fails.

Storm Debris

Summer storm, tornado, nor’easter, blizzard…storms threaten your commercial roof year round. Strong winds can deposit storm debris on the roof, where it can puncture the roofing system. A tornado can tear off a flat roof’s membrane without touching the structure underneath. After every storm, it’s important to have your roof checked for damage and cleared of storm debris.


Insects, mice, raccoons, squirrels, bees….who isn’t looking for a way inside your roofing system? Not only are wildlife nuisance pests, but they can start a fire if they chew through electrical cords. Roofing workers can identify signs of wildlife entry, so you can catch the pests before they cause property damage.

Damage From Maintenance Workers

Even the most careful worker could damage your roof by dropping a tool. As a worker trudges across the roof in their steel-toed boots, putting down a loaded toolbox to fix an issue, they risk damaging membranes, asphalt, or silicone seals. Since these workers aren’t roofing specialists, they can’t fix the damage.


There’s something about a roof that beckons curious trespassers. Whether it’s neighborhood kids looking for a thrill or employees who are hoping to find a safe place to party, trespassers can do major damage to the roof. Regular roof monitoring can deter trespassers from climbing up to the roof and catch any issues before they turn into leaks.

Get Help From a Commercial Roofer

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