Top Tips to Prevent Commercial Roof Leaks

drops of waterRoof leaks can damage your inventory, your property, and your reputation if your business has to close for maintenance. What you may not know is that many roof leaks can actually be prevented. Get our top tips for preventing commercial roof leaks today.

Remove Debris

Heavy storms drop debris on your roof, and fall brings autumn leaves. If you do not remove this debris, it will clog gutters, cause water to backup, and potentially lead to leaks. We recommend checking the roof after every storm. At minimum, clean gutters and remove roof debris twice annually.

Learn the Signs of Water Damage

Water damage worsens exponentially over time. If your roof does develop a leak, it is important that you know the signs of roof damage, so you can recognize there’s a problem and get a professional roofer in to fix things.

Water damage appears on walls and ceilings as discoloration. Paint or wallpaper can peel. If this is happening, call someone in ASAP, as water is already leaking in your commercial property.

Warning signs that a leak is imminent include missing or cracked shingles and shingle granules in the gutter. When shingles become compromised, it is only a matter of time until a leak occurs. By repairing the roof, you can avoid the costly headache of a leak.

Leave Roof Work to the Pros

It may make sense to send your maintenance crew up to the roof to shovel snow or remove storm debris, but this may do more harm than good. Workers who lack specific training in roof work can damage the roof membranes or puncture the roof. Only allow roofing pros on your roof as a best practice.

Schedule Maintenance

Regular maintenance is important to your roof’s health. Having a plan to keep your roof healthy also lowers stress and uncertainty.

Schedule an annual roof inspection, where a roofer checks all aspects of your roof and delivers an update on your roof’s health. The roofing contractor can repair minor problems or perform preventative maintenance to keep your commercial roof in the best possible shape. When roof repairs are done as part of a roof inspection, you save money by avoiding a followup call.

Do you need roof maintenance or repairs for a leaky commercial roof? Get a free estimate from Cincinnati’s trusted commercial roofing professionals. Email us or call today: 513.713.0418.