Does Your Roof Have Wind Damage?

Water/wind Damaged Roof

Hearing a bad windstorm can be a scary experience. The windows shake and the whole house feels like it might take off from the ground. After the storm, it is essential to inspect the roof for possible damage. There are different ways that wind can damage a roof, and here are some of the warning signs.

Warning Signs of Damage

Fallen Trees and Branches

After a windstorm, you may see a lot of tree branches on the ground around your home. These branches could have struck your roof before falling off, puncturing the shingles, and roofing membrane.

So it is essential to get up on the roof to perform an inspection. If a fallen tree is on your home, move you and your family to a safe location and contact your insurance company, a roofing company as well as a tree removal expert. We have a blog post that highlights what to do in the event that a fallen tree falls on your home. These professionals can evaluate the situation and come up with the best options to remove the tree that will cause the least amount of damage to your house.

Power Lines

Power lines are a serious danger to the home. A person can become electrocuted from those fallen lines. Your local utility company needs to be contacted to remove the lines before inspecting the roof, as the weight of those lines and how they may have lashed against the roof could have loosened or torn shingles.

Loosen or Torn Shingles

Shingles that are old and are not secure against the roof could have been loosened by the wind and torn off. You may see the tears, flapping shingles, or missing shingles along the roof.

Additional Signs of a Damaged Roof

There are also other signs that a roof may have been damaged by the strong winds.

  • Water leaks in the house
  • Missing granules from shingles
  • Curling edge of the roof
  • Missing shingles

Getting Your Roof Back into Shape

It is important to get your roof repaired immediately before the next storm rolls your way. Depending on the amount of damage, you may simply have a few loose or missing shingles repaired or partial roof replacement.

If you are interested in getting a new roof that offers the best wind resistance, you may opt to switch from an asphalt roof to a metal roof. If you are in need of roof repairs, contact Brandstetter KangaRoof for your residential roofing needs.