Five Home Maintenance Activities You May Be Forgetting

Abandoned decayed room

Checklists can help you keep up with vital home maintenance tasks, so things remain in good working order. However, there are many important tasks that never make it onto checklists for homeowners. Review some of the commonly omitted tasks you should be doing if you own a home, then spend a weekend checking each item off the list.

Clean refrigerator coils

Dust bunnies and pet hair cling to refrigerator coils, compromising their efficiency. The compressor then works harder but burns out faster. To prevent unnecessary repair, vacuum the refrigerator coils once a year.

Clean window weep holes

Home windows are designed with weep holes, which are small channels that allow rainwater to drain. Over time, weep holes can become clogged with fallen leaves, dead bugs, and other debris. If the water can’t drain, it could leak into the home. Use a wire hanger to push debris out of those channels, then pour water on the window track to verify it’s able to drain from weep holes.

Test the sump pump

A basement sump pump removes water to prevent flooding. Most homeowners don’t think about the sump pump at all until there’s a flood, but at that point it’s too late: if the pump isn’t working properly, the basement will be flooded. Twice a year, check that the sump pump is in good working order by filling the pump reservoir with water and watching it drain.

Inspect your roof

Annual roof inspection is a simple way to verify that your roof is in good order, repair minor problems before they escalate, and protect your home’s major system. Rather than go up on the roof yourself, bring out a licensed roofing professional who can check things out for you.

Clean the dryer vent duct

Clogged dryer vents are a fire risk. If you have a washer/dryer in the home, check the dryer duct a couple times a year. Pull out lint by hand or use a vacuum to suck it out. Special dryer vent cleaning kits come with a brush that allows you to scrape the inside of the vent to do a thorough job. Smooth metal ducts are less likely to clog that ridged ducts, so consider replacing old ducts to reduce maintenance tasks.

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