Pros & Cons of Restoring an Old Chimney

Orange Brick Chimney

If you live in a historic home, chances are you have a historic chimney. Sure, it might be beautiful, but it’s probably not usable or safe. Learn the pros and cons of repairing an old chimney, so you can decide whether to repair or replace your historic fireplace.

Reasons to Repair an Old Chimney

New-built chimneys are not as charming as old-fashioned ones, which have character and charm. For homeowners who’ve chosen to live in an old house, honoring the history may be the primary objective.

Rebuilding a chimney from scratch can be cheaper, provided the original materials are in good condition and can be reused. Your budget should not need to cover more materials, since the old stonework is usually kept, with some modifications if needed.

Skilled fireplace renovators will go to great measures to keep the original material, even if it means disassembling and cleaning everything. If the masonry matches the home exterior or would be impossible to replace in modern times, this service can be priceless.

Cons With Repairing an Old Chimney

Home builders have become a lot more energy-efficient these days. A new chimney can be more efficient, helping you save energy each month. While it won’t be historic, it can complement the style of your home, giving you the best of both worlds.

Perhaps the biggest downfall is the time it takes to repair an old chimney. Contractors will need to tear down the old chimney and rebuild it from scratch, stopping along the way to fix any structural problems they uncover. In an effort to reuse as much of the original material as possible, contractors will rework old elements of the chimney–which means more time spent on the job. Not only does the time add to the labor cost of the job, it means workers are in your house for a lot longer. That may not be feasible for someone who works from home, for instance.

As you explore whether to repair or replace an old chimney, get several quotes on what it would cost to breathe new life back into the old fireplace versus start from scratch. These quotes will allow you to compare services and budget for the job. At KangaRoof, we offer several chimney repair services including sealing, tuck pointing, light masonry work, and mortar cap issues. Contact us to learn more.