What Causes a Home Chimney to Leak?

Rooftop with a brick chimney

Any number of problems can cause a chimney to leak. A chimney that is compromised by cracks and fissures will lead to water getting into a home, where it can cause extensive problems and property damage.

It is important to watch out for signs of chimney leaks, particularly during times of heavy rain, and have any signs of trouble checked out by a roofing professional, as soon as possible. Keep in mind these six common issues that can cause a chimney to leak.

Faulty Flashing

Flashing provides a base of protection for your chimney. Faulty flashing could be the cause of chimney leaks.

Chimney Cap Problems

A cracked or broken chimney cap is often the source for water leakage.

Cracks in Chimney Crown

Your chimney crown may shrink and crack, creating areas vulnerable to water penetration.

Damaged Chimney Liner

A damaged chimney liner can lead to moisture that will compromise unprotected bricks and mortar.

Leaks in the Brick

Moisture accumulation in brick causes it to become soft and vulnerable to freezing expansion and cracking.

Loose Knots or Cracks Wood Siding

Houses with wood siding can be vulnerable to wood issues that cause leakage to your house and/or chimney.

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