Can Installing Skylights Save You Money?

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Skylights are one of the best ways to brighten up a home that’s low on natural light, but one of the first questions most people have is “how much will this cost?” While skylights do have an upfront cost you’ll need to budget for, in many cases they often save you money over their lifetime.

How Skylights Save Money

Skylights aren’t guaranteed to save you money, but they can save you money if you understand how to position them and how to use them to reduce energy expenses.

First, there’s the extra light. If a skylight adds enough light to a dim room that you don’t rely on overhead lighting, you’ll reduce your energy consumption and your electric bills. Skylights that vent open increase airflow into the room, which can reduce the need to rely on a fan or air conditioner during warm weather.

Second, there may be a solar heat gain that reduces your heating bill in the winter. When skylights are positioned so they face either north or south, they soak in the sun’s rays during the days when you need them most. During summer months, the same skylights actually reduce direct solar gain because of the changed position of the sun. Your home will be warmer in winter and cooler in the summer with north-south skylights than east-west skylights.


Not all skylights will save you money. Some homeowners choose skylights made with a special glass that reduces heat intake. These skylights maintain a cool home in the summer, but also keep it cool in the winter, reducing the solar heat gain that lowers wintertime energy usage.

Hoping to get extra light without overspending, some homeowners choose their skylight based on the price of each unit and its installation. Unfortunately, you tend to get what you pay for: if a skylight isn’t properly installed, it can have air leaks that reduce the energy efficiency. Low-quality units may develop broken seals and require repair or replacement. And if those weren’t installed correctly, the manufacturer may not honor the warranty.

For these reasons, it’s important to choose a reputable brand of skylight and hire a professional, so installation is done correctly. We at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof install high-quality VELUX skylights, which provide beauty and energy-efficiency, and we have the professional expertise and knowledge you can rely on.

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