Potential Hail Damage to Your Roof? Take This Advice

Hailstorms can catch you off guard. These small balls of ice create serious damage to cars, homes, and other outdoor possessions. Unfortunately, your roof sustains the most abuse from hail. Determining whether your roof has experienced damage from hail and figuring out your next steps to get it fixed becomes essential.

Indicators That You Might Have Hail Damage

If you aren’t at home when the hail damage happens, or it happens overnight while sleeping. There are several signs that could indicate a hailstorm occurred in your Cincinnati neighborhood. You may see the leaves stripped from your outdoor plants, or damage to furniture and fixtures on the patio or deck. Another indication is dents in vehicles and air conditioner units.

Inspect the Roof

If you believe that there was a hailstorm, it’s best to check for roof damage. You want to look at the surface of the roof to see if there are divots in the asphalt shingles. You should also take note of any loss of granules and bruises or black areas.
Keep in mind that hail can also create hidden damages. The roof may have split shingles or damaged vents, gutters, skylights, and gutters. Due to this hidden damage, it is always recommended to have a professional perform the inspection. They will know what signs to look for that could indicate damage caused by hail or by other issues.

Be Aware of Imitation Hail Damage

If you do spot roof damage, be aware that it may not be from hail damage. This factor is important, as you may need to further evaluate the real issue of the damage to provide the right repairs and future preventive maintenance. UV damage, aging shingles, damage from debris, and damage from poor installation can look like hail damage.

Also, you want to ensure that the issues were caused by hail before filing insurance or warranty claims. You may have to provide a deductible or see your insurance rates rise only to discover that the damage was from a different reason.

Is Fixing Hail Damage Necessary?

Roof repair for hail damage can be tricky. It could only be cosmetic with a loss of granules, or detrimental where it allows water to penetrate into the home. If water is getting into the home as it passes the roof system, then immediate repairs or replacement should be performed. Cosmetic issues such as granule loss may not need immediate attention. However, this problem should not be overlooked. Granule loss can lead to premature wear of the shingles and a shortened lifespan.

Can It Be Covered by Insurance?

Most insurance policies cover hail damage to an extent. It will always be based on policy stipulations. Review your insurance policy as well as any limitations. You may only have a year to file a claim or need to pay a certain deductible. Some claims will not be approved for cosmetic damage.

Insurance Claim Tips

Contact your insurance company immediately for your claim. There will be guidelines that you, the insurance company, and the contractor have to follow. Also, the insurance company may have a list of preferred contractors to do the work. You want to research contractors, review licenses, and ask for referrals to select a trusted company.

Preventing Roof Damage

If you deal with frequent hailstorms, it’s advisable to invest in more durable roofing materials. By taking this step, it lessens the chance of roof leaks and costly repairs. You can also qualify for insurance discounts if you install durable materials, such as Class 4, that are impact-resistant.

Keep your home safe and secure from incoming hailstorms. Brandstetter’s KangaRoof can provide roof repair after storms and install strong roofing materials that can last for many years.