Signs for Siding Repair Vs. Replacement

Vines climbing the siding of a home

Repair or replace: it’s one of the most common questions homeowners have when it comes to home repair. Learn the top signs of siding repair vs. siding replacement to budget for this common maintenance expense.

When You Need Siding Repair

  • Cracks and chips: Most of the time, siding with small cracks or chips can be repaired, rather than replaced. Even when one or two boards need to be replaced due to extensive damage, the fix is relatively fast and inexpensive.
  • Minor amounts of mold: If you can get all the mold quickly, before it has a chance to spread, repair usually works. There is one caveat, though: You must clear up the source of the mold or the problem will repeat.
  • Noticeable dents: Siding becomes dented when objects such as sticks or stones mar the surface. While you may choose to live with minor damage that can’t be seen unless you’re close to the house, siding dents are usually fixed by replacing the affected panels. It’s an easy repair.
  • Loose panels: Loose siding is generally easy to secure, making this a pretty simple fix in most cases.

When You Need Siding Replacement

  • Rotting siding: A minor amount of mold is one thing, but rot is another. It’s only a matter of time until rotten materials fail. Thus, your best bet is to replace the material. Here as well, you’ll want to understand and remediate the cause of the rotting siding so as not to repeat the process on a regular basis.
  • Excessive maintenance required: If your siding needs a new stain or paint job every few years, chances are you’ll save money by replacing it.
  • Appalling amounts of sun-fading: Materials like vinyl fade with sun exposure. There’s no great fix for this, which is why we recommend replacement instead.
  • Simply outdated: Siding trends come and go, and if your home looks dated, you might consider replacement to boost its value.
  • Energy-efficiency: These days, siding material is more energy efficient than it used to be. By replacing old siding with a new product, you could improve your home’s appearance and save money.

Get an Estimate for Siding Repair or Replacement

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